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Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task Force

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The Boone County Sheriff's Department Cyber Crimes Task Force consists of combined enforcement body of Law Enforcement Agencies and Prosecuting Attorneys in Mid-Missouri.


The geographic area of responsibility for the Boone County Cyber Crimes Task Force is the Missouri counties of Boone, Audrain, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Howard, Randolph, and all cities and or political subdivisions within such counties. 


The Boone County Sheriff's Department Crimes Task Force also maintains working relationships with other Missouri and National task forces investigating computer based crimes.




The Boone County Cyber Crimes Task Force is a joint cooperative effort formalizing relationships between and among the participating agencies in order to foster an efficient and cohesive unit capable of addressing the problem of crimes committed through the use of computers and the Internet within the Mid-Missouri area. These investigations include but are not limited to Internet enticement of children, child pornography, trafficking of children, trafficking of illegal narcotics to children, harassment, cyber bullying, terrorist threats, and other crimes facilitated through the use of computers, the Internet, or other electronic media and the forensic examination of computers and other electronic media used to facilitate criminal activity.   It is the desire of the participating agencies to achieve maximum inter-agency cooperation in a combined law enforcement effort aimed at reducing criminal activity perpetrated though the use of computers, the Internet, and other electronic media within the communities it serves. 





The mission of the Boone County Cyber Crime Task Force is to decrease the number of children and families becoming victims of crimes perpetrated through the use of the Internet.    Four primary objectives to reaching this goal are outlined through both investigative and educational methods.